Instructions For Care

Our DVX-1500 Series sheets and bedding products are a soft and durable fabric with a luxurious finish that lasts for years and years when cared for as directed, and it’s easy once you know these fun facts about this amazing super soft material.​

  • The soft-touch finish on this material is designed to resist pilling for years and years by simply washing these sheets separately or with other Devereux Bedding sheets, quilts, or duvet sets.
  • Zippers and snaps on clothing and even heavy jean fabric itself wear and tear on the outer surface of the sheet fabric which can break down the anti-pilling finish.  The easy-care solution is to simply wash them alone or with other Devereux Bedding products and you’ll get years and years of great comfort from them.
  • We recommend no liquid fabric softener or very little, no fabric softener balls, and never pour liquid fabric softener or detergent directly on the fabric.
  • Bleach is not recommended but a non-chlorine, bleach (liquid only) can be used as needed.
  • While dryer sheets are excellent for controlling static in fine fabric, some dryer sheets can leave an oily-looking stain. Do not use hard dryer balls, and liquid dryer balls have been found to cause random discoloration.
  • Drying the bedding separately protects the anti-pilling finish and soft-touch as in the wash cycle, plus it allows them to come out wrinkle-free in just 15-20 minutes on medium heat.
  • Do not iron or dry clean.


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